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What is Passive?

Passive House


A Passive House combines high-levels of comfort with very low energy consumption.  Thermally efficient windows, insulation and heat recovery are key elements. Each Passive House is an active contribution to climate protection.  On the outside, Passive Houses are no different from conventional buildings,
because the term “Passive House” describes a standard and not a specific construction method.

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Passive Windows

Passive Windows


Our PassiV uPVC, AluClad and Aluminium window ranges have been certified as “Passive house suitable” components by the Passive House Institute – the German based global certification authority for passive housing.

    Our PassiV range of windows are extremely competitive when compared with other Passive windows which means that the dream of a passive building which uses little or no energy is now available to everyone. Up to now, windows have added huge cost to the passive build. We hope that this range of windows will help make passive standards more accessible to builders and homeowners

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